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Top ten artificial intelligence technologies (AI)

With the development of artificial intelligence technologies (AI), new markets and opportunities have emerged. Progress in education, energy, health, and the environment has been investigated in novel ways. In some instances, machines can accomplish things better than people. This is the cause of the booming artificial intelligence sector. Many of the biggest names in technology, including startups, have acquired artificial intelligence, assisting them with increasing funding and enterprise adoption.

AI’s current and projected applications are helping to get the world ready for the future. The most recent advances in artificial intelligence have the potential to enhance people’s lives and contribute to resolving the most extensive problems and inefficiencies facing the planet. The list of cutting-edge AI innovations regarded as excellent is provided below.

Speech recognition:

This type of AI technology converts and transcribes spoken language into a form that computers can use. Currently, mobile applications and interactive voice response systems use this technology. Nuance Communications, Verint Systems, NICE, and Open Text are a few examples of its vendors.

Natural Language Generation: 

Text can be created using this technology using computer data. For now, it is utilized in customer service for report generating and summarizing business intelligence insights. The current list of example vendors for this technology includes Narrative Science, Lucidworks, Digital Reasoning, SAS, Cambridge Semantics, and Yseop.

Machine Learning Platforms: 

This type of artificial technology enables the deployment of models into procedures, programs, and other machines, as well as the provision of algorithms, toolkits for development and training, APIs, and data. Currently, a variety of businesses are using it. Vendors like Amazon, Google, Skytree, Microsoft, SAS, and are examples of companies selling this technology.

Virtual Agents: 

This technology is currently used as a competent home manager and in customer service and assistance. Simple chatbots and cutting-edge networking technologies are all included. Examples of vendors include IBM, Google, Satisfi, Assist AI, etc.

AI-optimized Hardware: 

The computational tasks are efficiently carried out by appliances and graphics processing units, which are part of the AI jobs. Nvidia, Intel, IBM, Google, Cray, and Alluviate are a few of the sample vendors.

Deep-Learning Platforms: 

Artificial neural networks with numerous abstraction layers comprise this platform. This technology supports pattern recognition and classification applications using massive data sets. Saffron Technology, Sentient Technologies, Deep Instinct, and other examples of vendors of this technology are available.

Robotic Process Automation: 

This technology automates human actions using scripting techniques to assist effective corporate processes. The technology’s sample providers include Advanced Systems Concepts, Blue Prism, UiPath, and WorkFusion.

Many businesses need help adopting this AI technology. Once these problems are resolved, these technologies will undoubtedly boost global productivity and prosperity.

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