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5 real, innovative uses of machine learning


Machine learning technical prowess is overstated, yet this has obscured the genuine technological advancements. Unfortunately, we are more conscious of the restrictions than the potential benefits when applied to our regular activities. We might not be aware of it, but advances in machine learning algorithms allow us to perform more complex computational jobs than ever.

Machine learning combines algorithms and data processing, not some magic. Instead of being a tool to take their position, it helps people become better at what they do. The active collaboration between technology and knowledgeable human counterparts has provided the best results from this technology.

Following are the few innovative uses of machine learning that will soon be making a way into your life:

1. Adoption of autonomous vehicles:

Machine learning is developing, which bodes well for the future of transportation. Because self-driving cars are being used more frequently, it is believed that the number of deadly traffic accidents has decreased. Although the adoption of these self-driving cars is predicted, the timing depends on the authorities’ decisions. But this transportation innovation will undoubtedly result in safer driving in the future.

2. Improved health care:

The primary area of worry worldwide right now is the healthcare sector. Machine learning will advance, enabling improved analysis and diagnosis without jeopardizing the patient’s privacy. By releasing a machine learning system that can assist in identifying malignant tumours on mammograms, Google has gotten a good start on the competition.

3. E-commerce retailers:

The worldwide retail industry can benefit from machine learning by making it simpler to collect an infinite trough of consumer shipping patterns and trends. It can combine digital behaviour patterns to streamline the customer journey by keeping track of everything from the start to the product purchase and follow-up.

4. Proper checking of the content:

The failure to conduct adequate content vetting has significantly affected social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, the newly developed machine learning’s technology promises to deliver proprietary solutions for creating human-artificial intelligence interactions. With cutting-edge tools and resources, it can carry out the mission of content moderation to the best of its ability.

5. Control of cybercrime:

Cybercrimes have done significant harm to the top corporations in recent years. In light of this, giant corporations and startups now have serious concerns about their cyber security. Researchers are developing models using machine learning technology that can spot fraud, stop phishing, and offer enough protection against cyberattacks.

The regulation of machine learning’s models is now complicated and challenging. However, both businesses and organizations are working to create structures to use analytical techniques that will benefit all parties.

Via: Entrepreneur

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